Saturday, November 15, 2008

Top Internet Marketer Made His Name Giving Away His Internet Marketing Secrets

If you have spent any time learning about internet marketing, then you are probably familiar with the high price of information. Internet marketing “gurus” are able to charge thousands and thousands of dollars to students and clients for consulting, training and general education, and a lot of the subject matter and substance that they provide is well worth the investment. In fact, many of the really big names in the business actually charge 50 or 100 thousand dollars a year to be part of their mentoring programs, and they turn out student after successful student who is happy and completely satisfied with their investment.

However, it is simply not always an option to invest this kind of money in your own education, even if it will end up paying off big in the long run. Many people with families hesitate to dedicate their entire savings to these types of programs – and with good reason. But does that mean that you can never learn to make money online, promote your business globally or achieve financial independence and begin enjoying the benefits of working for yourself in a literally boundless market? Absolutely not! The secret to your success is closer than you realize…

Jason Pearson, the inventor of the Online Traffic Formula, has been on the internet marketing scene for several years now. In fact, he has so many satisfied and successful students that many people actually just “lump him in” with the other gurus. Fortunately, Pearson has one teeny, tiny difference from those other successful teachers and instructors that sets him apart: He gives his information away.

Several years ago, Pearson decided to stop listening to the gurus and start working on his own ideas and theories about how to make money online. He had invested lots of money in his education, but had little financial gain to show for it. Furthermore, he missed spending time with his young, growing family and believed that the best way to make things happen for himself and them was to take matters into his own hands. Years later, Pearson is still rigorously testing, refining and adjusting his system to adapt it to the ever changing internet. And even better, he’s giving the results of his work away for free so that other people who are in the same spot he was can also begin to succeed without sacrificing time and money better spent on their families. You can benefit from Pearson’s years of research right now, for free, just by signing up to work with him on one of his websites. It will be the beginning of an entirely new stage in your life, and it will not cost you a dime.

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Jason Pearson


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